Wissey Half Marathon – Sunday 3rd September 2017

The Wissey Half Marathon  is an undulating rural course, in the west of the county, starting and finishing next to the National Trust’s Oxborough Hall.

Just three Jags took part this year, as with chip timing being in place for the first time, the race sold out well in advance. It was near perfect weather conditions for running, and Lee Emmett ran a great first time race, finishing in 1:40:53 for a bronze standard. Scott Shrubsall was hard on his heels with a time of 1:45:29 and I finally managed to get under 2 hours (1:59:07) PB Silver.  In fact I almost caught up with Second Claim Jag Keith Brighty (Norwich Road Runner) who limped home with a nasty blister in 1:52:04!

For those who had worked up a thirst there was real ale waiting on tap at the finish (Scott!), though I must admit an ice cream went down really well!

Ruth Gainsford

Lee Emmett1.40.53FTBRONZE
Scott Shrubshall1.45.29
Ruth Gainstford1.59.07YESSILVER

Bedford Half Marathon – Saturday 2nd September 2017

I have never been to Bedford before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was surprised it only took 1 ½ hours to arrive from Norwich.  The start was in a gorgeous park called Priory Park.  It reminded me a bit of Whitlingham in Trowse.  It was surrounded by woods and lakes.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning.  3000 entries started the course, it was all off road taking in a couple of laps of the woods before looping back to the park.  It was flat too!

This was Bedford’s first half marathon so I was expecting them to have a few teething problems.  On the contrary, it was so well organised and thought out.  We received a really great t-shirt and medal plus goodie bag.   It has got to be one of my favourite half marathons now and I have already signed up for 2018 which will take place on 2nd September.  I can highly recommend this course.

Angela Bell

Clive & Angela Bedford Half 2017Medals Bedford Half 2017Aerial Bedford Half 2017

Clive Carter2.12.52FT
Angela Gallen Bell2.12.52FT


Dereham Town 5k – Sunday 20th August 2017

Nearly a score of Jaguars signed up for the Dereham Town 5K on 20th August, as the target race for their 5K Improvers Course, which they had been following for the previous couple of months under Ken’s leadership.

It was a bright, breezy but not too warm day for the run, which is a double loop of the town centre. There were plenty of supporters around the course to encourage us. There are some interesting twists and turns to negotiate around the market place, but that made it quite interesting. Almost everyone achieved a PB, some spectacularly, and the Jaguars took five of the age category awards: Ken Bowman was third, as was Rosemary Jackson (by a tenth of a second!), Dee Neal was thrilled to be second and gain her first trophy, Vicky Tovell was also second, and Nick Holden won her age category!

It was a really successful culmination to the Improvers Course, and we are so grateful to Ken and his team for helping us along the way.

Rosemary Jackson

Name TimePBsStandard
Peter Nelson19.00YESGOLD
Tom Johnson19.17SILVER
Nick Hudson19.49SILVER
Paul Emery20.40YES DIAMOND
Ken Bowman21.01PLATNUM
Vicky Tovell22.09GOLD
Ruth Pilch22.09GOLD
Sonja White23.04SILVER
Ivan Westley23.10BRONZE
John Windham23.18YESGOLD
Emma Jordan23.37YESSILVER
Julian Jardine23.38FTBRONZE
Graham Fryer24.26YESBRONZE
Ruth Gainsford24.28YESGOLD
Rosemary Jackson24.47YESDIAMOND
Dee Neal25.10YESGOLD
Jill Cole26.21GOLD
Julie Jardine34.05FT

Blackpool Airshow 10k – Sunday 13th August 2017

After booking a long weekend t’ut North to see my Dad in Carnforth, Howard and I were looking for things to do. We saw that there was an Airshow at Blackpool that weekend and on studying the schedule, we also saw that there was a 10k race and we all love a bit of parkrun/race tourism don’t we?

We arrived early at Bispham race HQ; first time I’ve picked up a race number in a Fire Station! Disappointingly, no hunky firemen but I did see a runner who was the spitting image of an actor from the TV series “Shameless”.

As we walked in to the Fire Station, someone said “Coltishall Jaguars? You’ve come a long way!” It turned out this particular runner had once supplied the Jags race vests! Small world!

The race was really cheap at £6 Affiliated so we were not expecting a medal; as it turned out there was no chip timing either! Two painted white lines marked start and finish with a stopwatch at the end. The bibs were recycled from previous race leftovers so the numbers were random with the names of the previous races cut off the bottom. If you want to put on a cheap 10k, this is how!

The start of the race was down a slope away from Blackpool and I had to slow down as I got a bit carried away! After turning on to the lower promenade I settled into a comfortable 4:50 km/min and had a brief chat with a friendly runner. The run towards Blackpool tower was pleasant; warm with a nice breeze and a lovely view out to low tide. I then saw that I had to run up a steep slope back to the upper promenade; luckily I’ve done my hill training because I didn’t want the Northern runners to think I was a soft Southerner from flat East Anglia so I ran up it!

The run back to Bispham was up a few unexpected slopes but I took my mind off it by looking at the Blackpool illuminations and I was soon running downhill to the finish picking up speed. I achieved a new 10k PB and came fourth in my age category at 48:24! Howard finished at 44:17 and won a spot prize of a packet of cookies! The post-race goodies consisted of helping ourselves to crisps, chocolate biscuits and fizzy pop 🙂

After a quick spruce-up in the Fire Station, we headed back to Blackpool Tower to watch the airshow and the Red Arrows did not disappoint! All in all a nice, friendly little race and a great day out. Oh and after looking at the results and race photos, I found out that Ciaran Griffiths who played Mickey in “Shameless” had run part of the race right beside me. Doh!

Vikki Harper

Vikki & Howard Blackpool Airshow 10k 2017

Howard Harper44.18YESSILVER
Vikki Harper48.24YESSILVER

Run Norwich – Sunday 6th August 2017

Nick Hudson41.21YESSILVER
Neil Button43.04SILVER
Tom Johnson43.23BRONZE
Lee Emmett44.22FTBRONZE
Graham Johnson44.48SILVER
Howard Harper44.49FTSILVER
Shane Biddle45.20FTBRONZE
Nick Eley45.49GOLD
Jack Shuttle46.01FTBRONZE
Radley Fenn46.07 YESBRONZE
Paul Taylor47.00SILVER
James Fuller49.09
Julian Smith50.56BRONZE
Peter Kean-Cockburn51.18SILVER
David Platten51.21FTBRONZE
Roland Talbot 51.30FT SILVER
Vikki Harper52.18SILVER
Paul Gerber54.29
Julian Jardine54.59
Owen Barber55.26
Phil Henry55.43
Claire Owen55.55BRONZE
Sonya Wragg56.38BRONZE
Martin Bagnall56.38
Graham Fryer56.54
Nicola Lambert-John59.18
Karen Evans59.37
Joanna Cottrell1.00.30
Barbara Button1.01.04
Stewart Marden1.03.29
Clare Hicks1.03.29
Carolyn Gerber1.03.55
Fiona O'Hara1.09.05
Julie Jardine1.19.30
Caren Maidment1.20.02
Penny Murray1.20.13
1 8 9 10