Rotherby 8 – 04/09/2022

Visiting the Leicestershire area I noticed a road closure for a race on the 4th September… Intrigued I googled and found it was part of the Leicestershire Road Race League (LRRL) and the grande finale. There are 6 races in the league all with different distances. This was an 8 mile ‘rolling’ course it states ‘it will test the legs and lungs but will reward with the beautiful countryside’.

The entry limit was 500. I was lucky enough that it wasn’t full and managed to get a last minute entry to complete my training for the GNR.

The weather had cooled down nicely and there was a pleasant breeze and during the race a few spots of rain. The race started on a farm and we had plenty of cows to cheers us on as we headed out of the farm drive onto some quiet country roads, passing through several villages. The course was indeed rolling and formed a lollipop shape, there was a beast of a hill at mile 4 (well I think that’s what I called it!) that was a mile long. It was tough going but so pleased that the hill training we do as a club had paid off. It was a great course and well marshalled. I was the only Jag competing but it was well supported by many of the local running clubs.

I completed the course in 1:13:46 and was 9th in my age category.

Adele Bushell

Adele Bushell1:13:46