Worstead 5 – 29/07/2022

On a pleasantly cool but sunny evening the Worstead 5 mile was back on after a break of 2 years and a total of 35 Jags had turned out to run. A special mention should also though be given to the wonderful Jags supporters that were dotted around the course and the finish and really helped motivate the runners.

There was some amazing running, including of course Jack Stuttle and Ellie Gaskins setting new club male and female records for the distance with times of 27.03 and 32.05 respectively. In addition Ellie won the Senior Women’s prize for being first in her age category. Jack was 10th overall in a field of 458 runners. Second in for the men was Daniel Smith with a time of 28.52 followed by Stephen Pointer with 31.03. For the women there were also some incredible times with Sandra Roberts coming in at 36.40 followed by Vicky Tovell at 37.46.

Strong running and times were a feature throughout the club with everyone coming in within an hour. The wooden medals were a lovely feature as was the choice of snacks at the finish line so well done on the organising NNBR. It was also lovely to be able to stay around and enjoy the festival atmosphere and beverages afterwards.

Ruth Pilch

Jack Stuttle27:03Yes and New Club Record!Diamond
Daniel Smith28:52Diamond
Stephen Pointer31:03YesGold
Ellie Gaskins32:05Yes, First in Age Category and New Club Record!Gold
Andy Foreman34:31First TimerGold
Julian Smith36:13YesSilver
Nick Eley36:15Diamond
Sandra Roberts36:40First Timer, 3rd in Age Category and New Club Age Category RecordDiamond
Stephen Neal36:50Gold
Vicky Tovell37:46Gold
Megan Swain37:50YesBronze
Paul Rogers38:37YesBronze
Ruth Pilch38:43Silver
Matthew Rogers39:05First Timer
Ruth Gainsford39:23YesDiamond
Keith Brighty39:36Silver
David Buck40:02Gold
Sonja White40:43Silver
Jackie Bye40:46Diamond
Karen Evans41:02Silver
Rosemary Jackson42:20Diamond
Martin Bishop43:47First TimerSilver
Laura Johnson44:23Yes
Jane Harrison44:56First Timer
Jackie Gooch45:59Silver
Lindsay Smith46:56Yes
Dee Neal47:00Gold
Dougie Barber47:18
Laura Hick47:18Yes
Kelly Piesse48:01
Claire Owen48:22
Hayley Smith49:33
Tim Evans54:03First Timer
Noel Meeks57:09Yes
Emily Spragge1:00:48