Wroxham 5k – 06/07/2022

This year instead of the traditional series of 3 races, there was just the one 5k at Wroxham. As it was a Sportlink Grand Prix event as well as a County Championship race, there was a huge field of 721 runners turning up on the evening. On the doorstep for Coltishall Jaguars, not surprisingly we had a large turnout of 45 taking part, with 10 Jags running their first in club colours, and didn’t they do well?!

There was a free fun run on the school field for the younger children before the main race. Three Junior Jags then took part in the 5k race, along with their parents, with some amazing results, they are all little stars in the making!

It was a warm, dry evening with a light breeze, perfect for the spectators who came out to cheer us along the closed roads, and there was great support from fellow Jags around the course with Mel shouting out our halfway times to spur us on! It was well organised by Norwich Road Runners, thanks also to all the encouragement from the marshals.

The course is fairly flat with a few gentle inclines, so it is always popular with runners chasing pbs and 11 Jags managed to achieve this. Jack Stuttle and Ellie Gaskins both set new 5k club records of 16:12 and 19:06 respectively, congratulations to both on such amazing times! 

Ellie was ahead of her dad Rod Bye by 3 seconds, although hopefully he wasn’t too disappointed as he achieved a pb and also earned himself a county silver medal!

Rosemary Jackson set a new F65+ age category record of 25:03 and both she and new member Sandra Roberts (F55-59) were awarded county bronze medals. 

So a great evening race for the Jags, hopefully they treated themselves to an ice cream at the end before heading for home! 

Ruth Gainsford

Jack Stuttle16:12Yes and New Club Record!Diamond
Stephen Pointer18:41YesGold
Ellie Gaskins19:06Yes and New Club Record!Gold
Rod Bye19:09Yes and County Silver Medal!Platinum
Andy Foreman19:29YesGold
Graham Johnson20:03Diamond
Barry Halkyard20:28YesGold
Franklyn Plume20:38Silver
Harvey Wade21:07
Julian Smith21:16Gold
Chris Johnson21:33Bronze
Nick Eley21:42Diamond
Rachel Jackson21:42First TimerGold
Andrew Wicks21:44Silver
Sandra Roberts22:08First Timer and County Bronze MedalDiamond
Shane Bidle22:27Bronze
Sarah Circuit22:42YesSilver
Megan Swain22:46YesBronze
Ryan Howe23:19
Ruth Gainsford23:30YesDiamond
Keith Brighty23:31Silver
Paul Rogers23:31Bronze
David Buck23:33First TimerGold
Iwona Litwiniec23:50First TimerSilver
Marian Costello24:04First TimerGold
Eden Spackman24:05
Hattie Swain24:43Bronze
Graham Fryer24:46Bronze
Rosemary Jackson25:03County Bronze Medal and Club Age Category Record!Diamond
Matthew Rogers25:25First Timer
Andy Smith25:47First TimerBronze
Marion Bensley26:40Bronze
Stephanie Hall26:41
Laura Johnson26:46
Hayley Smith29:08Yes
Kelly Piesse29:21Yes
Claire Owen29:47
Lindsay Smith30.09First Timer
Ross Howe30:24First Timer
Doug Barber32:06
Anna Spackman32:07First Timer
Rachael Cole34:01
Debbie Hall36:58
Emily Spragge37:34
Jenny Norris42:11