Holt 10k – 29/05/2022

After 2 yrs off due to Coronavirus (like many other races) Holt 10k was back in full force!

A total of 395 runners took part and 14 of them were our fabulous Jaguars! In true British style, for late May, the weather was shall we say, a bit on the “chilly” side! A good breeze blowing and rain showers forecast, runners kept well wrapped up until it was really necessary to ditch that extra layer.

Lining up on the start line, the North Norfolk Beach Runners kept everyone’s spirits up and everyone seemed raring to go! And then came the rain as soon as the race starter shouted “GO!”

Now, I’ve only ever ran this race once before and could only really remember the lovely hill at 7k so had it in my head that it was a fairly level course. Silly me, Norfolk may not have many “hills” but it’s definitely not flat!!

The breeze and light rain kept runners refreshed and cool, so to be fair, the perfect running conditions and the lovely 1k off road just added to the fun (of the hills)!

Turning for home the rain eased and with the breeze behind us helped runners on those last couple of kilometres to the finish line (mind you for me this was now too hot 🥵😀).

Daniel Smith was first home for us in an amazing time of 37:14, followed by Stephen Pointer in 41:40 and Julian Smith in 44:52. Ruth Gainsford came 3rd in her age category in 50:47 and likewise for Rosemary Jackson who also came 3rd in an amazing time of 51:07, both ladies paced fantastically well by the marvellous Nick Eley (both ladies asking me to give Nick a big shout out!) Some fab times from our Orange army, great team spirit and support as always and once again proud to be a Jag!

Sonja White

Daniel Smith37:14
Stephen Pointer41:40
Julian Smith44:52
Josh Brighty45:24
Keith Brighty46:24
Sonja White48:25
Emily Beavis50:01
Richard Peters50:37
Ruth Gainsford50:473rd in Age Category
Nick Eley50:48
Rosemary Jackson51:073rd in Age Category
Doug Barber51:30
Andy Smith57:41
Anna Spackman1:06:21