Great Yarmouth 5 mile series race 2 – 04/05/2022

Coltishall Jaguars Vest
Daniel Smith28:29Yes and New Age Category RecordDiamond
Jack Stuttle28:32YesDiamond
Neil Button34:26Gold
Megan Swain38:31YesBronze
Sonja White38:59Silver
Nick Eley39:55Gold
Rosemary Jackson40:01Yes, 2nd in Age Category and New Age Category RecordPlatinum
Hattie Swain41:06YesBronze
Kelly Piesse46:47Yes
Andy Smith48:03
Lindsay Smith48:31
Anna Spackman51:44
Debbie Hall59:18
Jenny Norris1:00:20Yes
Emily Spragge1:01:24