Blickling Half Marathon – 17/10/2021

This was the third running of the Blickling Half Marathon and the first time that the organisers had been able to operate a mass start. Having run the previous two events in waves it was definitely good to get back to proper racing, all starting at the same time and knowing your position in the race. The race was very well organised, starting on Aylsham recreation ground and passing through the local villages such as Calthorpe, Wolterton and Itteringham before passing round the edge of the Blickling estate and back into Aylsham with the finish line in Aylsham Market Place. The course is very undulating and for most of the route you tend to be running either up a hill or downhill. Especially tough is the last section as you reach the 13 mile mark and have one last big uphill to climb back into the finish at the market place – not what you want to see in the final stages of the race! The course was well marshalled throughout and there was good support at certain points on the route. The cloudy weather with cool temperatures was good for running although there was a strong breeze to run into on parts of the course.

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience. This race is run twice each year with both a Spring and Autumn version and hopefully is here to stay on the road race calendar. Sixteen Jags took part, with PBs for Andrew Wicks, Theresa Dean and Angela Pleasants and seven of our runners: Andy Foreman, Barry Halkyard, Amy Fulcher, Blake Payne, Sarah Circuit, Josh Brighty and Emily Beavis all completing their first half marathons for Jags.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith1:20:57Diamond
Andy Foreman1:39:38First TimerSilver
Andrew Wicks1:43:11YesSilver
Barry Halkyard1:46:18First TimerSilver
Amy Fulcher1:47:50First TimerSilver
Sonja White1:51:04Silver
Keith Brighty1:51:21Silver
Ruth Steele1:52:27Gold
Blake Payne1:54:08First Timer
Sarah Circuit1:54:09First TimerSilver
Josh Brighty1:54:13First Timer
Emily Beavis1:55:43First TimerBronze
Emma Jordan1:56:44Silver
Richard Peters2:02:26
Theresa Dean2:16:29Yes
Angela Pleasants2:48:40Yes