WROXHAM 5K RACE 2 12/06/2019

The usual great turnout of Jaguars for this series brought plenty of orange to this event! The heavy rain during the day probably put a few people off but it eased away for the start of the race, and in fact conditions were perfect for running.I have it on good authority that there is more oxygen available in the air when the weather is damp, so there were quite a few PBS on the night and some owners of orange vests going up for awards. It was a shame the junior race had to be cancelled due to thegrass track being slippery. The new car parking arrangements worked well, with a few clubs being allocated the playground at St John’s Primary on the Horning Road. All in all it was a good event with a great atmosphere, and most people seemed to come awaywith a smile on their faces!

Andy Mulligan16.58YESDIAMOND
Daniel Smith27.55YESGOLD
Jack Stuttle18.00GOLD
Neil Button18.44Shared Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Darren Tubby18.52YESGOLD
Lee Emmett18.53YESGOLD
Mel Porter18.55DIAMOND
Graham Johnson19.09DIAMOND
Chris Johnson19.48YESSILVER
Rod Bye19.53DIAMOND
Ben Gaskins20.11SILVER
Julian Smith20.02YESGOLD
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp20.17GOLD
Nicholas Eley20.20YES & Bronze CC MedalDIAMOND
Ken Bowman20.321st In Age Group & Silver CC MedalPLATINUM
Stuart Aldous20.44SILVER
Elly Young20.52YES First In Age Group, Gold CC Medal & New Age Group RecordPLATINUM
Barry Halkyard20.56YESSILVER
Franklyn Plume20.57YESSILVER
Phil Henry21.09GOLD
Charlotte Reed21.21YESGOLD
Stuart Kenrick21.57FTSILVER
Vicky Tovell22.08GOLD
Nouha Tate22.26YESSILVER
Andrew Jarvis22.42BRONZE
Richard Peters2245YESBRONZE
Sonja White22.47SILVER
Ruth Steele22.48FTGOLD
Robert Dye23.27
Luke Townsend23.34
Ruth Gainsford23.48YESGOLD
Keith Brighty23.49
Rosemary Jackson23.41YES 2nd In Age Group & Silver CC MedalDIAMOND
Jackie Bye23.433rd In Age Group, Bronze CC Medal & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Dougie Barber24.08
Megan Swain24.17YESBRONZE
Nigel Stallard-Mulford25.00FT
Hattie Swain25.03
Karen Evans25.10YESSILVER
Sharon Jones24.57YESSILVER
David Simpson 25.08GOLD
Tamara Mills25.22SILVER
Julian Jardine25.40
Andrew Richardson26.07FTSILVER
Marion Bensley26.08YESBRONZE
Stephanie Hall26.29
Karen Bradley26.37YESBRONZE
Laura Hick27.01YES
Helen Gainson26.55SILVER
Barbara Button30.37
Alison Read30.35YES
Sue Emmett30.39
Ruth Macpherson31.38
Rebecca Wicks31.56
Mark Bradley32.07
Emily Spragge34.38
Debbie Hall34.38
Jennifer Norris36.43YES
Rachael Cole41.18