gt Yarmouth 5 mile race 3 22/05/2019

GY Race 3 There was a great turnout of 40 Jaguars for the final race in the Great Yarmouth 5 mile series for 2019. Runners again had to contend with a headwind in the home straight but this did not stop twelve Jags achieving PBs including Shane Bidle for three out of three in the series, Nick Eley who achieved first place in his age group and Nicola Lambert-John who claimed second place in her age group with a new age group record. Neil Button and Elly Young also gained second places in their respective age groups with Elly improving her age group record from race 2. Yet again the great support from Jaguars around the course, a well-organised event and good marshalling led to an enjoyable race and overall a great series of races.

Daniel Smith32.21GOLD
Jack Stuttle30.25YESGOLD
James Lambert31.48SILVER
Neil Button31.502nd In Age GroupGOLD
Graham Johnson32.22GOLD
Nicola Lambert-John32.43YES 2nd In Age Group & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Shane Bildle32.49YESSILVER
Radley Fenn33.34SILVER
Stephen Neal34.19YESGOLD
Nick Eley34.38YES & First In Age GroupDIAMOND
Elly Young34.462nd In Age Group & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp36.27SILVER
Keith Brighty 36.37GOLD
Phil Henry37.46SILVER
Sonja White38.08YES SILVER
Peter Kean-Cockburn39.34GOLD
Ruth Gainsford40.25YESGOLD
Katie Fenn40.21BRONZE
John Windham40.46SILVER
Doug Barber40.29YESSILVER
Megan Swain41.00TESBRONZE
Karen Evans41.02YESSILVER
Dee Neal42.24DIAMOND
Sharon Jones42.25SILVER
Caroline Britton42.44BRONZE
Stephanie Hall42.51
Andy Mulligan42.50
Tamara Mills42.57BRONZE
Julian Jardine43.11
Jackie Gooch44.24SILVER
Karen BradleyBRONZE
Stephen Norris47.58YES
Lynn Lambert48.08BRONZE
Hattie Swain49.47
Rebecca Wicks52.29
Debbie Hall57.51FT
Rachael Kirkham58.50YES
Jamie Harkin59.47
Jennifer Norris1.01.00
Julie Jardine1.01.02