DEREHAM 10 MILE 12/05/2019

A good contingent of orange was present at this Sportlink Grand Prix/County Championship event. The weather was beautiful and the venue, Neatherd High School, really ideal (with plenty of ladies’ toilets!). We also had a chance to experience the Total Race Timing numbers issue system – which looks as though it is going to save a lot of hassle for us, too. Well over 500 runners started, and we ploughed along the old A47 for almost three miles before turning off for the loop round Elsing. It was great to see Dee and Steve at the start (and later on), and Paul Emery and Emma Jordan also cycled over to cheer us on. It was so good to see them there and the support was really appreciated. The A47 stretch back to the finish seemed VERY long, but many people were rewarded with PBs, so most were happy. Fortunately it wasn’t as hot as a couple of years ago, but one or two found the end very hard going. It was good to spend some time with Emma Blake, who also had a very good race, and there was a nice atmosphere at the awards presentation. In summary, not my favourite route, and I would prefer an earlier start than 10:30 a.m. for a long race, but it went like clockwork and the organisers were all very friendly and helpful.’

Daniel Smith1.03.16YESGOLD
Jack Stuttle1.05.24YESGOLD
Neil Button1.06.02YES & New Age Group RecordDIAMOND
Graham Johnson1.06.46YES DIAMOND
Melvyn Porter1.09.39GOLD
Elly Young1.13.111st in Age Group, SILVER CC Medal & New Age Group recordDIAMOND
Keith Brighty1.14.38
Ruth Steele1.18.47YESGOLD
Luke Townsend1.20.02FT
Richard Peters1.20.32YES
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.23.40SILVER
Ruth Gainsford1.24.47GOLD
Rosemary Jackson1.26.04YESDIAMOND
Sharon Jones1.29.42YESSILVER
Jackie Gooch1.29.59YESGOLD
Lynn Lambert1.37.26FTBRONZE
Marion Bensley1.38.44YES
Rebecca Wicks1.45.20YES