GY Race 2 In the second race of the series, 30 Jags took part in conditions which were less windy than in race 1, but a bit wet underfoot due to the earlier rainfall during the day resulting in a couple of big puddles/waterjumps to negotiate on the way round! Once again there was tremendous Jaguars support around the course, helping nine Jags to achieve PBs with Shane Bidle, Hattie Swain, Julian and Julie Jardine all bettering their PBs from Race 1 and Radley Fenn, Karen Evans, Caroline Britton, Megan Swain and Rebecca Wicks all achieving best times. There were awards for Jaguars with Nick Eley claiming first in his age group and Elly Young second in another new age group record, while the Senior Men’s Team of Andy Mulligan, Daniel Smith and Jack Stuttle were victorious with first place in their category.

Andy Mulligan29.381st Senior TeamGOLD
Daniel Smith30.291st Senior TeamGOLD
Jack Stuttle31.151st Senior TeamGOLD
Graham Johnson32.24GOLD
Radly Fenn32.32YESSILVER
Shane Bidle33.45YESSILVER
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp34.42GOLD
Nick Eley34.451st In Age group DIAMOND
Elly young35.092nd In Age Group & New age Group RecordDIAMOND
Ginny Fellows35.15FTSILVER
Phil Henry37.02SILVER
Sonja White39.11SILVER
Peter Kean-Cockburn39.18GOLD
Karen Evans41.08YESSILVER
Hattie Swain41.14YESBRONZE
John Windham41.25SILVER
Caroline Britton41.26YESSILVER
Megan Swain41.33YESBRONZE
Sharon Jones41.57SILVER
Julian Jardine42.05YES
Tamara Mills41.54SILVER
Stephanie Hall42.55
Jackie Gooch43.10GOLD
Karen Bradly44.32BRONZE
Sam Beales47.54
Dougie Barber47.54
Stephen Norris49.01
Rebecca Wicks51.59YES
Julie Jardine59.21YES
Jamie Harkin59.22