GEAR 10K 05/05/19

For the fourth year in a row, my family set off to King’s Lynn for GEAR on the first Sunday of May. Starting in the Tuesday Market Place, the day was sunny, yet crisp, and I found myself behind the 55 minute pacers among the throng at the beginning. The race starts through the town centre, passing a group of singers, as we headed along the quayside, before zig-zagging back through the shopping areas. Whilst narrow in places, the great crowd really cheers you along. After about 3k, we headed out towards The Walks and a bit more space to stride out, looping around the Red Mount Chapel. By this time, I had moved forward a bit and was ahead of the 50 minute marker and more in line with my target. There is a reasonable stretch out towards the river and the turn back to the town centre. Up on the embankment next to the river, the chilly wind really caught you, and I could feel it becoming a little tougher. By the time I got back into the town centre zig-zag, I was relieved to be out of the wind, and amongst the good cheer of the crowds. It was great to hear the cheers from fellow Jags, spurring me on to the finish. I was pleased with my time of 48.47. Chris Johnson was the first Jag in, with a time of 43.44, closely followed by Andrew Wicks, at 43.51. Stephen Norris and Paul Bloomfield both finished well achieving good times. Thanks to Penny Murray, Jenny Norris and their Junior Jags for cheering us all on and taking the photos. All in all, this is a very well organised race with plenty of facilities and a large supporting crowd.

Chris Johnson43.44SILVER
Andrew Wicks43.51FTSILVER
Richard Peters48.47
Stephen Norris1.04.58
Paul Bloomfield1.07.28
Donna Monk1.15.04YES