CITY OF LINCOLN 10K 07/04/2019

On Sunday 7 April, Steve and I ran the 10km City of Lincoln race. It was a cold morning and unfortunately the race began a bit after it was due to start. There were lots of runners and we all had a bit of a warm up whilst we were in our sections. After we had just got running, we came to a standstill at a roundabout – there was a car which caused an obstruction at the beginning of the race! Anyway, once we got going again, we enjoyed the race taking in the sights of Lincoln (which did not include going up the famous Steep Hill!). It was a lovely flat course. The atmosphere was fab and the supporters really encouraged the runners on the way. I managed to keep ahead of Steve for the majority of the race, but with the finish nearly in sight, near the cathedral, he came level with me, overtaking and then beating me to the finish by 3 seconds! However, I managed a PB of 56.20 with Steve running his first 10km race as a Jag in 56.17.

Steve Ganson56.17FTSILVER
Helen Ganson56.20YESSILVER