Coltishall Jaguars very own damp dozen travelled over the Cambridgeshire border to take part in a very wet Peterborough Half Marathon.

First Jag home with a PB and Gold Standard was Jack Stuttle in an outstanding time of 1:28:37. Sonja White made light work of the puddles as the first Jag lady in a time of 1:47:06 a Silver Standard while also grabbing a PB.

There were also a PBs for Katie Fenn, who secured a Bronze Standard and Stephanie Hall who was helped along by Andy Mulligan.

Graham Fryer ran the distance for the first time and looked full of running at the end so PBs and standards await as his improvement continues.

Also running a half marathon for the first time as Jags were Lynn Lambert gaining a Silver Standard and Karen Bradley running with Sharon Jones both coming in with a Bronze Standard.

Karen Evans again broke the two-hour mark while claiming a Bronze standard.

Sue Emnett and Peter Kean-Cockburn also completed a very wet Half Marathon.

Despite the conditions, did I mention it was raining, the crowd support on route was still pretty good and special thanks has to go out to the marshals and volunteers out on the course.

All in all a well organised event on a flat city centre based event with loads of PB potential which most entrants return to.


Jack Stuttle1.28.37YESGOLD
Sonja White1.47.06YESSILVER
Katie Fenn1.57.01YESBRONZE
Graham Fryer1.55.33FT
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.55.41SILVER
Andy Mulligan1.57.02
Karen Evans1.59.24BRONZE
Lynn Lambert2.06.39FTSILVER
Sharon Jones2.08.48BRONZE
Karen Bradley2.08.48FTBRONZE
Sue Emmett2.16.18