RUN NORWICH 10K 05/08/2018


Run Norwich 2018

I never ever want to take part in Run Norwich, it’s in August and it’s far too hot to run.

When I returned from my holiday in the depth of winter, entries had just opened and it seemed like every single Jag had signed up. So, with the fear of missing out pulling at my shirt tails, I relented and booked up. Couldn’t believe my eyes, this 10km road race that I didn’t want to do was a £25 entry fee. WHAT?! However, it is organised by the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation who “help over 38,000 people every year achieve their goals through sport, supporting some of the most disadvantaged, disabled and talented people across Norfolk”. Fair play. Booked.

The day arrived and as had been the trend this summer, the temperature was extraordinarily hot. On a personal level, I had a thumping three-day old headache and very little energy – certainly no motivation to run 10km when every footstep hurt my head. I put on my orange vest and waited for my dear fellow Jags to transport me in to Norwich.

The event ‘village’ was set up in Chapelfield Gardens and seemed perfectly well organised with plenty of blue loo’s and free bag drop. There was a sea of orange attire from fellow members in the location and we all posed for the obligatory team photo. Time to move down to the start line.

On entering the race, you are asked to submit your predicted finish time and given a race number of a certain colour according to your time. Runners are then held in ‘pens’ until that particular area is set free. The race numbers have time chips in them so your actual start time is logged as soon you step on the timing mat.

It is worth noting that there are a serious number of participants in this event so due care and consideration is required, but at no point did I really feel hemmed in or held back by the volume. The staggered start in pace order is a great way of getting around this.

This is a closed-road event with distance markers every kilometre. There is a water station located approximately half way at the football club, and another water station further on within the grounds of the Cathedral. At the start of the ascent at Rose Lane there was a very welcome DJ with some awesome tunes playing to bring about a smile and a quick-step to the red-faced runners, and this is passed a second time when we come back down Prince of Wales Road.

Upon finishing you cross the timing mat again and your run time is recorded. Runners are encouraged to keep moving forwards to collect a very shiny medal and goodie bag, and then back through to Chapelfield Gardens which helps to keep down the congestion of so many runners.

My personal observations of this event are as follows:

The £25 entry fee was worth every penny.

The event was very well organised and the closed-road running in ‘our’ city was absolutely fabulous.

The support from spectators (both fellow Jags and strangers) was incredible and non-stop throughout the entire course.

Norwich does have a few ‘inclines and declines’, but no more than we already know about!

The kilometre markers were very welcome and made the run seem very short in bite-sized pieces.

The paracetamol for my headache started working just before I went over the start-line!

It was good to carry a small water bottle for little sips throughout.

Wear sunscreen.

I will absolutely and most definitely run this event again next year, without doubt.

The medal was so heavy, I took it off!

A free beer was available at the end, plus more water.

This was my slowest ever 10km but by far my favourite.

Running in the blazing heat is my new friend!

See you all at this event in 2019!!

Rachael Cole


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Jack Stuttle39.12YESGOLD
Andy Mulligan39.16GOLD
Radly Fenn40.44SILVER
Neil Button41.07GOLD
Jason Corner42.55FTSILVER
Lee Emmett43.35YESSILVER
Nicholas Hudson44.56BRONZE
Elly Young45.14GOLD
Julian Smith47.14SILVER
Howard Harper45.45SILVER
Rebecca westmoreland50.49FTBRONZE
Stephanie Hall51.56FTBRONZE
Nouha Tate52.15BRONZE
Nicola Lambert-John52.39BRONZE
Katie Fenn52.40BRONZE
Owen Barber52.55
Lucy Walker53.40DIAMOND
Darren Matthewson53.40
Roland Talbot54.13
Graham fryer54.32
David Platten55.12
Peter Kean-Cockburn55.41
Karen Evans55.56BRONZE
Julian Jardine56.49
Clive Cartner56.52
Angela Bell56.53YESBRONZE
Karl Dodgson56.54FT
Sonya Turner57.40BRONZE
Hattie Swain57.40
Paul Gerber57.40
Tamara Mills58.03
Tracey Melville58.17BRONZE
Samantha Beales58.32YES
Tim Evans59.00
Tom Johnson59.27
Lynn Lambert1.00.51FTBRONZE
Graham Johnson 1.02.18 FT
Sue Emmett1.03.13
Carrie Catchpole1.06.25
Barbara Button1.06.40
Marion Bensley1.07.11
Carolyn Gerber1.07.17
Stephen Norris1.08.58
Olivia Newstead1.12.11
Sarah Lanchbury1.13.57
Melanie Young1.14.03FT
Hayley Smith1.16.30
Angela Hudson1.16.44
Caren Maidment1.17.23
Donna Monk1.20.48
Penny Murray1.22.22
Racheal Kirkham1.23.14FT
Jenny Norris1.25.45
Julie Jardine1.25.45
Stuart Kenrick1.35.02FT