In races 1 and 2 of this series I had run inside 45 minutes for the first time in nearly a year and had finished second in my age category. As we gathered at the start the runner who had beaten me into second place did not seem to be around, so I was hopeful of an age category trophy this time.

The temperature had cooled a bit and conditions were good for another 10k on a lovely summer evening. I tried to keep up with club mate Ken Bowman for the first couple of kilometres, but his sprightly 70 year old legs again proved too quick over this distance as he sped off to yet another age category win.

I had a short walk at the water stop between 4 and 5k and was passed by a runner who I knew to be in my age category. Suitably refreshed I set off in pursuit and soon caught and passed him again. Just after passing the 7k marker in Ellingham we joined the off road path that runs parallel to the A143 almost to the finish. This is my favourite part of the course being shaded by trees, virtually straight with a grippy surface, and it is great to run on. I reeled in a few other runners and managed to squeeze past on the narrow track without being stung by the nettles on either side. One of them managed to stick with me and passed me on the run to the finish as we arrived back at the Bungay Area Running Centre. My time was 44:08, which made it my fastest time of the series and I caught up with Ken who had finished in a superb time of 43:16. There was time to cheer our other Jag team mate Paul Berner to the finish in a time of 49:11 before the trophy presentation. Ken of course won his age category and there was a new winner in the M55-59 category……….a runner from Diss who finished a mere 3:44 ahead of me! There was one amusing anecdote from Ken before we set off for home. During the latter part of the race he was passed by a runner who muttered the words “how old are you?” My thoughts exactly!

Phil Henry

Phil Henry-Bungay 10k

Paul Berner-Bungay 10k


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