Poppyline Marathon
On Saturday 9th June I completed my 10th Marathon – The Poppyline Marathon in Sheringham, North Norfolk.  It was however, my first off road marathon so it was a lot harder than the others.
I lined up on the start line at Sheringham Primary School ready to begin at 8:30am. We were set on our way by the sound of a little horn.  We made our way down through central Sheringham along the main street and on towards the promenade & coastal path.  Before long we made our way into Cromer reaching the first 6.1 mile checkpoint, where we were met with water and refreshments.  You also had to have your time logged and your card clipped.  We were soon on our way again, heading towards Felbrigg.   We made our way to the second checkpoint at 12miles a crossroads towards the end of a farm track in West Beckham, again met with a banquet.  I have never eaten whilst running but others were tucking into all the food on offer.  We set off again in the direction of Hempstead.  Arriving in Hempstead having avoided the bulls whilst running through their field, our next checkpoint at 17.1 miles was the Village Hall. After taking on some fluids and having a few moments rest we were off again.  We crossed Kelling Heath and ran down a steep hill towards the railway, running along a path parallel to the tracks. Before long we had reached our fourth checkpoint – Weybourne Station. With the checkpoint being at 21.8 miles, and so close to the end we only stopped for the briefest of moments to take on refreshments before tackling he last four miles.  We set off along a track parallel to the railway before crossing and heading towards Sheringham on the coastal path, with stunning views of the coast. We headed back into central Sheringham passing both railway stations – and back up the hill towards the finish at the Primary school where we went in to register our times, and collect our certificates.  This was a lovely marathon but also tough on the legs as elevation is up to 1600ft but also hard to run on ploughed fields and lots of tracks with tree roots to avoid.  It is also impossible to run in some parts so you have to walk.  The route measured 27 miles and I came in at 5 hours 34 minutes.
Angela Gallen-bell
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