Nottingham Christmas Half Marathon – Sunday 3rd December 2017

The route consisted of a varying number of laps around the lake at the National Water Sports Centre.  The number of laps depended on the race you were running (lap bands were available).  My friend and I did the half marathon which was 4 laps with a staggered start.  It was a flat and fast course and could have the potential for a PB in the future (for me at least).  There was one marshal on the route and he was happy and helpful enough.  The other marshals were at the end to make sure people did not run over the finish line prematurely!  The ‘on course toilets’ sign was directed towards a wall and they ran out of Christmas cake before our final lap which was disappointing.  Upon finishing we were presented with our medals, had to buy our own finishers T-shirts and were then directed towards a pile of pre-packed, dry and unpalatable turkey baguettes!  All things considered, I would do the race again.  Next year promises a bespoke medal for each race, a goody bag for all finishers, portable toilets around the course and a lower car parking fee!  Who’s in?!

Kerri Clarke

Name TimePBStandard
Kerri Clark3.50.44