Rag-it Round Repps XC – Sunday 26th November 2017

On a cold but bright and sunny winters morning, made only for the brave (me not included), stood a few hardy Jags ready to hit the Norfolk Broads for the Rag-it Round Repps XC 10k race. Scott Shrubshall led the way along with Marvin the dog. Fellow runners, including Owie, Paul T, Neil, Clare and the pocket rocket that is Jackie Gooch, headed out into the unknown, only to come across the amazing and beautiful landscapes of Norfolk.

The course was very well laid out, albeit a bit uneven thanks to all the moles, and well marshalled. Therefore, it’s a must for next years virgins on this race.

Julian Smith

Rag It Round Repps 2017

Neil Button48.10
Paul Taylor49.53
Scott Shrubshall & Marvin50.10
Scott Chadwick53.54
Julian Smith56.19
Owen Barber57.52
Stuart Kenrick58.43
Stephen Pointer1.00.19
Emma Wilcock100.19
Claire Owen1.02.35
Jackie Gooch1.04.43