Venice 10k – Sunday 22nd October 2017

The Venice Marathon is a celebration of running and includes a 10km race following the last 6 miles of the full marathon course. This is a fully inclusive race including competitive runners, fun runners, walkers, dogs and anyone else who wants to join in ! Just the ideal event for Jenny Welsh, Vanessa Clements and Netty Yeomanson who were back on the road together.

The run starts in San Guiliano park on the outskirts of Venice. The first 4 km takes you over the Liberty Bridge which connects the main land to Venice. Following the tram lines you get amazing views of the lagoon with the outline of Venice in the distance. Heading into the newly developed port area the passengers on the cruise ships are starting to disembark and cheer you on.

For a magnificent piece of engineering there is a specially built pontoon bridge which takes you over the Grand Canal and before long you are running over the 15 bridges (which aren’t as easy to run over as you’d think)  and into St Marks Square with the Basilica and Doge’s Palace as a back drop. The course eventually ends at Rive Sette Martiri in a really scenic position entering the lagoon.

This was a truly amazing route even though many competitors recorded it as 7 miles rather than 6 and the marathon leaders were taken the wrong way !!. A real bonus was a can of lager in the goody bag.

At the end of the race it was straight to  a cafe to watch the marathon runners start to come in, with a hot cappuccino .

We Would definitely recommend this event to the other Jags.

Netty Yeomanson

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