Palma de Mallorca 10K & Half Marathon – Sunday 15th October 2017

When Rod, Jackie, Ellie, Ben and Ken decided to run in Palma de Mallorca little did they know that Hurricane Ophelia would blow in a heatwave!
In blazing sunshine Ben sensibly opted for the 10k and managed a respectable time, even if he wasn’t happy about it.
The others were in the half marathon thanking their fortune for not entering the full. Rod went off too fast (there’s a surprise!) and struggled after halfway to record 1:41:59. Jackie nearly gave up at halfway, but got going again to finish in 2:14:50. Ellie ran steadily for 1:42:14. Ken ran half the race with his Mallorcan friend, but then got left behind (Spain 1 England 0) and eventually recorded 1:39:34.
The 10k and first half of the half marathon was an out and back along the coast. Nice surface, but unrelenting sun. The half marathon then ran up into and in ever decreasing circles around the old town. Shaded but airless.
All enjoyed the experience, especially lunch in Plaza Mayor with a good rock band. Lovely city, good race, tough course.

Ken Bowman

Ben Gaskins46.47SILVER
Rod Bye1.41.59DIAMOND
Ellie Gaskins1.42.14SILVER
Jackie Bye2.14.50