Peterborough Half Marathon – Sunday 8th October 2017

A bright October morning and ‘Jaguars on Tour’ assembled on the Embankment for the flat, fast and friendly Great Eastern Run. Some had chosen to arrive on the Saturday and rest up overnight, others made an early start from Norwich and area. This is a well organised event (though toilet queues can be long) there is plenty of room at the start and parking is reasonable.

The weather was perfect for racing, Jags took up places in appropriate pens and the race was underway on time. The start is not too congested and space is quickly available, giving everyone the chance to stretch their legs. Andy ‘Runner’ Mulligan disappeared into the distance. Despite, in his own words, ‘not having the best of days’ he finished easily the 1st Jaguar home. Indeed all Jaguars finished without too much trouble, including Claire who went to the start carrying an injury. Jack came home in a club Silver time, an excellent effort for his 1st competitive half.

After the race many of us trooped into the town centre to increase Costa Coffee’s profits at Stewie’s insistence. It’s a club tradition (according to Stewie). A good day for the Jaguars.

Andy Mulligan1.28.22GOLD
Stephen Neal1.39.26YESSILVER
Jack Stuttle1.49.01FT
Sonja White1.50.46YESSILVER
Debs Jones1.51.05SILVER
Rollie Talbot1.52.46SILVER
Julian Smith1.55.02
Dee Neal2.00.31YESGOLD
Paul Gerber2.04.16
Sonya Wragg2.04.32BRONZE
Sue Emmett2.11.03FT
Clare Hicks2.25.47
Stewart Marden2.25.47