Lowestoft Half Marathon – Sunday 1st October 2017

The second Nicholson’s (https://www.nicholsonslaw.com/) Lowestoft Half Marathon took place on Sunday 1st October, in what can only be described as ‘tricky’ conditions.  Eight jags took off from the most easterly point in England, Ness Point to cover 13.1 miles as fast they could. 

The course is two laps, starting with what on a sunny Sunday would be a gorgeous stroll along the seafront before turning up Links Road, which comes as a shock front the dead flat sea wall to what is a rather impressive hill.  The course continues out to Corton, making the first 5km turn at The Corton Inn (https://www.thecortoninn.co.uk/) which is where the wind really started to bite.  By the time you are running back down Links Road which should be a relief the wind had definitely decided it was going to make its presence felt. 

The rain had also set in by this point, although was actually quite refreshing in places did mean that we knew were in for a treat when we back on the seafront. 
Reaching the starting point, knowing that you need to turn around and do the whole thing again is slightly daunting, but all eight jags managed this with some very successful results.  Nicola Lambert-John was first Jag home and second lady earning herself a trophy with an impressive time of 1.37.29.  Radley Fenn completed his very first half marathon in 1.38.43.  Personal bests were also achieved by John Windham and Ivan Westley in 1.58. 14 and 1.58.35 respectively. 
There is nothing like Jags support and running with other team mates not only spurs us on but also giving others the encouragement, be it to the winner, middle of the pack or the last person over the line.  Coltishall Jags make it known that we are there to support and it’s the love of running that is important not the time that you finish in!

Name TmePBsStandards
Nicola Lambert-John1.37.29SILVER
Radley Fenn1.38.43FTBRONZE
Neil Button1.40.19SILVER
James Lambert1.47.09
Roland Talbot1.55.35GOLD
John Windham1.58.17YESSILVER
Ivan Westley1.58.35YES
Katie Fenn2.06.24FT