Bure Valley 10 Miles – Sunday 1st October 2017

With my anticipated race partner – Bex Pountain – sadly injured for her second 10 mile race in a row I didn’t really have a plan for this race. I’ve found racing much harder psychologically this year and had a break over the summer to try to get my mojo back.
A PB was out of the question, so I set out to achieve gold standard in my first 10 mile race in Jags colours.
For the first few miles I tried to keep up with Howard Harper and Nick Eley, but after they opened a gap I decided to run my own race and try to enjoy the experience instead.
It was hard to enjoy the conditions just after 4 miles when we made a right turn into a stiff breeze and it started to rain. I thought back to the Mental Strength Workshop in the summer, remembered Rod Bye’s race mantra and found myself repeating “Ya-ya Tou-re, Ya-ya Tou-re” to myself, to fit in with my stride pattern. Being an NCFC fan I tried to think of a different player, but as Cameron Jerome and Wesley Hoolahan didn’t scan I settled on “Nor-wich Ci-ty, Nor-wich City”.
There was respite from the wind just before 5 miles when we made a left turn to run uphill and then I stopped and walked at the first water station to get a decent drink down me.
After running a loop we reached the second water station at about 7 miles and as I slowed down to grab a cup and walk again I was passed by Vicky Tovell.
Suitably refreshed I caught Vicky up and ran with her for a while. She was targeting sub 1:20 and as we were well inside that pace and I was feeling strong again I pushed on.
Around 8 miles the wind was a factor again (“Nor-wich Ci-ty, Nor-wich Ci-ty”), but the long straight towards the finish was mainly tree-lined and offered protection most of the way.
All of a sudden there was only 400 metres to go and I heard my name over the tannoy as I approached the finish along with “…..is being caught by….” and the tell-tale thump of running shoes on tarmac getting closer. That was enough to push me to a sprint finish and I held off the fast approaching runner behind me. He took it well and we laughed and high-fived after having the chips removed from our shoes.
There were some great performances by other Jags:

  • Andy Mulligan was top Jag after benefiting from Bex’s unfortunate withdrawal
  • The ever sprightly Ken Bowman achieved platinum standard
  • Emma Blake held her position of first in age category 40-45 from last year, ran a PB and age category record
  • Vicky Tovell also ran a PB and age category record
  • Nicola Holden teamed up with Emma and Vicky to be the 1st ladies team home

Overall there was a great Jags turn out, the race was well organised and marshalled and the cake afterwards wasn’t bad either (although obviously not up to Jags standard! :-))

Phil Henry

Name TimePBsStandards
Andy Mulligan1.06.35GOLD
Pete Nelson1.08.00FTGOLD
Nick Hudson1.09.24YESSILVER
Graham Johnson1.09.58YESGOLD
Tom Johnson1.10.15SILVER
Lee Emmett1.12.23FTSILVER
Ken Bowman1.13.53PLATINUM
Nick Eley1.13.54GOLD
Nicola Holden1.14.08YESGOLD
Howard Harper1.15.35FTSILVER
Phil Henry1.16.47FTGOLD
Vikki Harper1.24.32SILVER
Claire Owen1.32.34BRONZE
Paul Gerber1.33.14
Sharon Jones1.35.34BRONZE
Clare Hicks1.39.32
Stewart Marden1.39.31