Round Norfolk Relay – 15th to 16th September 2017

Ode to RNR

Sitting at home drinking my wine
Reflecting the weekend O’ what a time
The Round Norfolk Relay a top class event
Starting at Lynnsport where our hero’s we sent

Brave hardy runners ready to travel
Off down the road and on to the gravel
Heading for Hunstanton it’s starting to rain
It’s blowing a gale to add to our pain

No turning back our journey has begun
No rest for the runners till all miles are done
Reaching the lighthouse first leg nearly complete
Just passing the baton then time to eat

My teammate my friend has no time to chat
He’s off with the baton he’s going flat out
The weather gets worse he’s getting a soaking
He’s heading to where the rich do their boating

Third runners are waiting to take their turn
This leg is short and easy to learn
Off to the beach sand in their trainers
But runners are tough and not complainers

Baton safely delivered to the Wells runner
Off down the harbour wow she’s a stunner
The weather has abated the going is good
She’s flying along as fast as she could

Hand over at Cley he’s got a tough one to do
Four miles on the shingle it gives him the hump
Then up on the cliffs to do Beeston bump
Arriving at Cromer his job is over

The baton must continue it’s journey for many more miles
Each runner will carry it with grimaces and smiles
We run as a team together we are strong
Bound by our colours what could go wrong

Runners take the glory in their bright orange vests
But without our support crew we’d be in a mess
They are the heart of our Club this is so true
Just one thing to say we love you

Through the night it continues everyone plays their part
Till it comes full circle and they are back to the start
The runners are weary they have given their all
But so proud of their Club as they chat in the hall

They will return next year to do the same
Stronger and faster and hopefully not lame
Together forever the wind in their hair
Running with friends we hold so dear

Rod Bye