Dereham Town 5k – Sunday 20th August 2017

Nearly a score of Jaguars signed up for the Dereham Town 5K on 20th August, as the target race for their 5K Improvers Course, which they had been following for the previous couple of months under Ken’s leadership.

It was a bright, breezy but not too warm day for the run, which is a double loop of the town centre. There were plenty of supporters around the course to encourage us. There are some interesting twists and turns to negotiate around the market place, but that made it quite interesting. Almost everyone achieved a PB, some spectacularly, and the Jaguars took five of the age category awards: Ken Bowman was third, as was Rosemary Jackson (by a tenth of a second!), Dee Neal was thrilled to be second and gain her first trophy, Vicky Tovell was also second, and Nick Holden won her age category!

It was a really successful culmination to the Improvers Course, and we are so grateful to Ken and his team for helping us along the way.

Rosemary Jackson

Name TimePBsStandard
Peter Nelson19.00YESGOLD
Tom Johnson19.17SILVER
Nick Hudson19.49SILVER
Paul Emery20.40YES DIAMOND
Ken Bowman21.01PLATNUM
Vicky Tovell22.09GOLD
Ruth Pilch22.09GOLD
Sonja White23.04SILVER
Ivan Westley23.10BRONZE
John Windham23.18YESGOLD
Emma Jordan23.37YESSILVER
Julian Jardine23.38FTBRONZE
Graham Fryer24.26YESBRONZE
Ruth Gainsford24.28YESGOLD
Rosemary Jackson24.47YESDIAMOND
Dee Neal25.10YESGOLD
Jill Cole26.21GOLD
Julie Jardine34.05FT