Wroxham 5k Series Race 2 – Wednesday 14th June 2017

Well done to all those who took part in the second race of this popular series, this race was part of the Leathes Prior Grand Prix.  Results below.

James Lambert19.12SILVER
Ben Gaskins19.26SILVER
Tom Johnson19.25SILVER
Graham Johnson19.34GOLD
Rod Bye 19.46DIAMOND
Neil Button19.49YESGOLD
Stephen Pointer20.02YESSILVER
Ellie Bye20.22GOLD
Shane Bidle20.26YESSILVER
Nicola Lambert-John20.38GOLD
Peter Nelson20.33SILVER
Scott Shrubshall21.01BRONZE
Nicola Holden21.20YESGOLD
Emma Blake21.42YESGOLD
Paul Emery21.43GOLD
Vicky Tovell21.51GOLD
Emma Wilcock22.06SILVER
Peter Kean-Cockburn23.04SILVER
Sonja White23.10SILVER
Julian Smith23.24YESBRONZE
Stuart Kenrick23.21FTBRONZE
Vikki Harper23.31SILVER
Jackie Bye23.52DIAMOND
Ivan Westley24.14FTSILVER
John Windham24.14FTSILVER
Paul Gerber24.23BRONZE
Emma Jorden25.00SILVER
Jeremy Lawrence25.00SILVER
Claire Owen25.08BRONZE
Georgina Blake 25.48
Ruth Gainsford25.54SILVER
Tamara Mills26.33BRONZE
Barbara Button26.36YESBRONZE
Joanna Cottrell28.41FT