Worstead 5 Mile Race – Friday 28th July 2017

It was an impressive turn out for the orange army at the Worstead 5 mile race along with wonderfully vocal supporters. The cloud cover kept off the heat and there was chip timing start and finish for the first time, helping out with that tricky start through a narrow road, then we were off for a race that provided many a PB. There were even trophies for Ken Bowman for 2nd place in age category with an amazing platinum time, Rebecca Pountain smashed it with a first time 2nd in age gold standard and Ruth Pilch for the niche prize of first female Worstead resident.
First back for the men was Andy Mulligan with a fantastic gold standard, closely followed by Tony Alborough with diamond and Mel Porter with gold and 50th place in the race overall at a pleasingly similar age.
For the women Nicola Lambert-John was first back with a smashing gold time, gaining her second place in her age category on gun time and first place on chip time, followed by Rebecca Pountain, gold and Emma Wilcox, silver.
There were PBs bursting out everywhere with Neil Button, gold standard, Nick Eley, diamond, Paul Emery, gold, Shane Bidle, bronze, Emma Wilcox, silver, Ruth Pilch, silver, Vikki Harper, silver, Owen Barber, bronze, Sonja White, silver, Rosemary Jackson, diamond, Tamara Mills, bronze and Carolyn Gerber, bronze. The Lord Mayor’s and 5k improvers training certainly paying off for many.

Andy Mulligan29.28GOLD
Anthony Alborough30.43DIAMOND
Melvin Porter32.21GOLD
Nick Hudson32.56FTSILVER
Neil Button33.28YESGOLD
Nicholas Eley33.47YESDIAMOND
Nicola Lambert-John33.53GOLD
Lee Emmett34.31FTSILVER
Paul Emery34.33YESGOLD
Shane Biddle34.43YESBRONZE
Phil Henry34.45FTGOLD
Ken Bowman35.24PLATINUM
Jack Shuttle36.07FTBRONZE
Rebecca Pountain36.13FTBRONZE
Emma Wilcock37.12YESSILVER
Stephen Pointer37.12BRONZE
Ruth Pilch37.40YESSILVER
Vikki Harper37.49YESSILVER
Owen Barber37.53YESBRONZE
Peter Kean-Cockburn38.37SILVER
Sonja White38.54YESSILVER
Martin Bagnall39.07BRONZE
Julian Smith39.44BRONZE
Rosemary Jackson41.25YESDIAMOND
Ruth Gainsford41.45SILVER
Dee Neal42.23GOLD
Claire Owen42.29BRONZE
Tamara Mills43.21YESBRONZE
Barbara Button44.05BRONZE
Jill Cole44.24GOLD
Joanna Cottrell44.42FT
Clare Hicks46.16
Stewart Marden46.17
Carolyn Gerber46.31YESBronze
Paul Gerber46.31
Angela Bell46.54FT
Clive Cartner46.55ft