Mike Groves 10k – Sunday 4th June 2017

The big day…a great achievement for our Couch to 10K, the course finished and the final race to complete.

Fantastic efforts achieved today, well done to all those who worked hard and persevered with the training.  It definitely all paid off today, a terrific turnout.  Well done!!

Rebecca Pountain45.38YESGOLD
Jack Stuttle48.02
Timothy Witting52.48FT
Graham Fryer54.15
Julian Jardine54.20
Karen Evens54.25
Claire Jones56.41
Amanda Haslam57.00FT
Clauda Roe59.27
Simone Holloway1.01.49
Charlotte Jones1.01.58
Joanna Cottrell1.02.37
Rachel Cole1.03.52
Tanya Manners1.04.23
Melissa Baines1.04.36
Catherine Whiting1.05.06
Jenny Sparks1.05.24
Dawn Sykes1.09.12
Debbie Hall1.09.46
Sharn Emery1.10.01
Donna Monk1.10.35
Penny Murray1.14.26
Paul Bloomfield1.15.05FT
Caren Maidment1.15.06
Alison Holloway1.16.28
Julie Jarden1.18.47
Debbie Prickly1.22.02
Beverly Jenkins1.22.02
Amelia Choat1.27.32
George Rodgers1.27.56