Great Yarmouth 5 Mile Series – Race 2 – Wednesday 10th May 2017

15 runners made the trip for the second of three races along the sea front of Great Yarmouth hoping to build on the success of the first run a fortnight ago where 12 members had taken part.
The club can celebrate strong performances, with Anthony Alborough the first Jag home with an impressive time of 30:34 and Nicola Lambert-John was the first female back in 34:23. Mel Porter led the four Jags (Nick Eley, Sharn Ponsford and Barbara Button) who achieved a PB on this occasion.Confidence will be high that the Jaguars can maintain the success of the first two races with a strong attendance and times, with the next round being the Leathes Prior Grand Prix Series being an added incentive.

Anthony Albourgh30.34DIAMOND
Ben Gaskins31.54FTSILVER
James Lambert31.55SILVER
Mel Porter32.04YESGOLD
Rod Bye34.01GOLD
Nick Eley34.12YESGOLD
Nicola Lambert-John34.23SILVER
Shane Bidle35.49BRONZE
Stewart Marden36.35GOLD
Owen Barber38.45BRONZE
Jackie Bye40.19GOLD
Paul Gerber40.23BRONZE
Sharn Ponsford41.32YESSILVER
Claire Owen42.47BRONZE
Barbara Button44.09YesBRONZE