Holt 10K – Sunday 23 October 2016

So it was with slight trepidation and a growing sense of nervous excitement as Tamara Mills and I set off just after 9.00 am for the Bakers & Larners 10k race on Sunday 23rd October 2016. It was a relief we had to say, to see as always, the welcoming smiles and support of Peter Nelson, Ken Bowman, Paul Emery, Paul Taylor, Stephen Pointer, Nic Holden, Emma Wilcock, Peter Kean-Cockburn, Ruthie Roo, Vicky Tovell, Emma Blake, Emma Jordan, Tom Johnson and Peter Kean-Cockburn.

The day was bright with a little chill in the air but that did not seem to deter the runners from lining up for the start. The banter amongst the entrants was lively and kept my thoughts away from the race ahead.

We tucked ourselves at the back then we we’re off! Across the playing field of Greshams School, a tad slippery but no accidents, thank goodness, cheers and claps along the way. We turned left at the gate and then straight onto the road onto a road with club marshals and spectators cheering us on again and in the most beautiful countryside with glorious autumnal colours with the sun pushing through.

We continued to run on a more or less flat surface then our first ‘slight’ hill! Remembering the running tips shared by the Jags (shorten your cadence, use your arms, head up, look ahead) and yes we were soon at the top.

Then we were turning onto a track and ‘off roading’ and as described the ‘bottle neck’ by the water stations but no mishaps and were soon back on the road again and this time with a downward hill (most welcome relief for the legs) but what goes down must then go up. And boy did it go up and up and then some but then I could see the junction in the road we had passed previously and it would appear we were heading more or less towards the home straight.

Coming into the last 200 metres whilst my eye sight isn’t always the best I could clearly see the bright orange tops of the jags cheering me on, which spurred me to cross the finish line in what I was later to discover was a PB for me.

Thank you jags for that but the loudest thanks must go to NNBR for putting on a great event in a fantastic location and I have to say the tea and cake at the end was delicious!

Definitely will be returning in 2017!!


NameTimePB (unofficial)Standard
Peter Nelson42.15Gold
Ken Bowman43.25Platinum
Tom Johnson44.46Bronze
Paul Taylor45.17Silver
Stephen Pointer45.18YesSilver
Nicola Lambert-John45.49Silver
Vicky Tovell45.59Gold
Emma Blake46.54Silver
Paul Emery46.55Silver
Nic Holden47.58YesSilver
Emma Wilcock48.23Bronze
Peter Kean-Cockburn50.02Silver
Emma Jorden50.41YesSilver
Ruth Pilch52.20YesSilver
Sharon Jones55.24YesBronze
Tamara Mills56.42Bronze