Perkins Great Eastern Run – Sunday 9 October 2016

17 members of the Jags had an early start on Sunday, piling into a minibus to travel to Peterborough to run the Perkins Great Eastern Run. The weather was not great but that did not hinder the runners that day. The day was a road trip with great banter along the way. We would also like to thank Jackie Gooch and Jerry who was supporting us on the day and taking pictures, plenty of which are on Facebook!  Some good results achieved and strangely a ghost runner appeared in the midst!



NameTime PBStandard
Dean Blake1.31.37YESGold
Jeremy Lawrence1.32.54Diamond
Neil Button1.39.29YESSilver
Lucy Anderson1.44.18YESSilver
Paul Emery1.45.10Silver
Emma Blake1.48.38YESSilver
Julian Smith1.52.58FT
Emma Jorden1.53.22Silver
Stephen Neal1.54.53YES
Sonya Wragg1.56.00Silver
Paul Taylor1.56.41
Paul Gerber2.01.04
Rosemary Jackson2.03.21Gold
Dee Neal2.07.02YESSilver
Clare Hicks2.07.09
Stewart Marden2.07.10
Dawn Chapman2.08.17YesBronze