Jolly Jaguars 10K – Sunday 25th September 2016

A fantastic end to the 2016 Jaguars 10K series with the Jolly Jaguars race on 25 September. We were lucky as the weather held out, we had over 350 runners, the support from club members was as good as ever and the same can be said of the amazing cakes.
Being one of the lucky ones able to run I can confirm it is a great course to race on; although flat it still has its challenges when in parts you find yourself fighting against the wind.

All the home runners this time were Jaguar ladies, with the lovely Hilda Mears (first timer) making a return visit from Leicester (we all hope to see her again soon).

It was a great performance all round, with three PBs, for Nicola Lambert John, Julie Glasel and me, with Nicola Lambert John putting in a sterling effort of achieving a silver standard and romping over the finish line with a fantastic time of 45.31 and being second lady in – amazing! Well done Nicola! Rosemary Jackson (first timer) achieved a gold standard with a brilliant time of 54.48 and both Julie and I were over the moon with us both achieving bronze standards.

The support all around the course was great and thanks to all the marshalls, riders and the ladies at the water stations – fighting against the wind makes you thirsty!
To be cheered in so loudly at the end of a race is pretty uplifting and am sure this helped in boosting us all to do so well. I would also like to say thanks to our leader for his sound advice to look up and run to the clock – it certainly worked!!
All in all an extremely successful day – well done ladies, well done Jaguars.


Nicola Lambert-John45.31YESSilver
Rosemary Jackson54.48FTGold
Dawn Chapman57.40YESBronze
Hilda Mears1.5.33FT
Julie Glasel1.6.44PBBronze