Ely Half Ironman – Sunday 21 August 2016

Ely half Iron Man  – not what you would expect those that know me well!

So I cried before I started, was shaking with nerves, I didn’t wanna do it.
Thanks to Georgina Sutton for driving and support and everyone else I saw there it did help especially when running round and feeling like I did. Putting up with my tears and grumpiness even telling her off! 🙊
So obviously I started, with not a bad 1.9k swim (32) mins. Got on my bike from a great t1, bit of tail wind had a good 8/9 mile then getting to an s bend where I skid but manage to stay on but coming out of it I didn’t so hit the ground grabbed my hip and arm was a bit painful, after 5\,6 mins and few near misses with cyclists, a dog walker helped me up as I had such bad cramps I couldn’t move.
As it got worse from there I didn’t wanna do my second bike lap. Let alone running, knowing my legs were going to cramp the whole way round.  I finished the bike 2.50, not too bad considering the wind and the fall!
Started the run first lap wasn’t too bad, a pack of jaffa cakes and water kept me going till the start of the second when I seized up and actually had to walk and run the rest of the 9 miles.
So from my fall to finishing the bike I had to do a 1.30 half or faster to get even under 5…
Didn’t happen am gutted ,(1.50) runtime and feel rather emotional as I feel like I have worked pretty hard and it went wrong due to things out of my control (sort of) I suppose lesson learnt look where I’m going round corner if it rains, and pick a better line
All done in 5.18.

When’s the next one?!


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