Worstead 5 Miles – Friday 29 July 2016

This year it was a flood of orange, rather than the rain of last year, as the Jags came out in force for the Worstead 5 mile race. Group photos were an issue as more Jags kept appearing leading to shouts of “wait”, I think we got to at least 4 attempts to get everyone in!

The sea of orange flowed through the race, encouraged by a good turn out of locals cheering the runners from outside their houses. First Jag home was Andy Mulligan with a fantastic time of 29:26 and an overall position of 12th. Both Jeremy Lawrence and Rosemary Jackson achieved PBs and Diamond standard. There were fantastic results overall with 9 PBs including Emma Blake – taking 5.50 minutes off her previous time and Netty Yeomanson – taking 4 mins off her previous time. First timers made a great show as well with James Lambert, Julian Smith, Hayley Fenwick, Ruth Pilch and Sonja White all achieving silver standards.

Although sadly not awarded on the night Hayley Fenwick achieved the prize for First Lady Worstead Resident, with her husband getting the First Male Worstead Resident prize, he just needs to join the Jags now to make them the perfect couple!


Andy Mulligan29.26Gold
Tony Alborough32.01Gold
Dean Blake32.36YESGold
Melvin Porter32.37Gold
Tom Johnson32.39Silver
Jeremy Lawrence32.44YESDiamond
James Lambert32.52FTSilver
James Fuller33.24YESSilver
Scott Shrubshall34.03YESSilver
Rod Bye34.28Gold
Stephen Pointer34.49Bronze
Nicola Lambert John35.02YESSilver
Neil Button35.51FTSilver
Julian Smith37.03FTYes
Paul Allen38.00
Hayley Fenwick38.38FTSilver
Peter Kean Cockburn39.40Silver
Steve Neal39.17FTBronze
Ruth Pilch39.20FTSilver
Sonja White39.30FTSilver
Emma Blake40.19YESBronze
Jackie Bye40.42Gold
Tony Wilson41.05FT
Owen Barber41.29
David Platten41.38
Paul Gerber41.41
Emma Mortimer42.18FTBronze
Rosemary Jackson42.30PBDiamond
Ruth Gainsford42.33Silver
Jackie Gooch42.59Silver
Heather Hollister43.46Gold
Paul Groves44.11
Georgina Sutton44.28
Theresa Dean44.38FT
Barbara Button44.56FTBronze
Dee Neal46.13Silver
Paul Emery46.15
Tamara Mills46.38
Sharon Jones46.53FT
Gemma Frances 46.55FT
Carolyn Gerber50.54
Annette Yeomanson51.14YES
Hilda Mears53.05YES
Stewart Marden53.05
Beverley Chilson56.05