Wroxham 5k Race 2 Rescheduled – Thursday 21 July 2016

This was the final race in the series, although on paper the rescheduled race two. The weather conditions were good on this occasion, sunny and mild.  It was another excellent Jags turnout with 30 runners lining up on this occasion, in total 435 runners completed the race.  It was nice to see a good support crew out again from our fellow Jaguars; this is always appreciated by the runners.

First jag over the line was Billy Life with an excellent chip time of 18.44 and a gold standard. Other gold standards achieved were by Peter Nelson, Melvyn Porter, Graham Johnson, Nicola Holden, Rosemary Jackson, Roy Owen and Tony Alborough.  Silver standards were achieved by James Lambert, Tom Johnson, Stephen Pointer, Nicola Lambert, Lucy Anderson, Emma Wilcock, Vicky Tovell, Sonja White, Peter Kean-Cockburn, Ruth Pilch, Emma Jordan, Ruth Gainsford, Jackie Gooch and Mary Owen.  Bronze standards were achieved by Stephen Neal, Claire Owen, Carolyn Gerber and Sharn Ponsford.

Ken Bowman put in another impressive performance and won his age category in a time of 20.21, earning a platinum standard. Rosemary Jackson came third in her age category, also achieving a pb of a time of 25.51.  Heather Hollister also won her age category in a time of 26.26 earning a diamond standard.

9 pb’s were achieved by the Jaguars and Tony Alborough narrowly missed out on a pb by 1 second. Next time hey Tony!

Billy Life18.44Gold
Tony Alborough18.57Gold
James Lambert19.14Gold
Peter Nelson19.30Gold
Melvin Porter19.36Gold
Ken Bowman20.21Platinum
Tom Johnson20.16Silver
Graham Johnson20.16YESGold
Stephen Pointer20.32Bronze
Nicola Lambert-John21.14YESSilver
Nicola Holden22.02YESGold
Lucy Anderson22.13YESSilver
Emma Wilcock22.10Silver
Vicky Tovell22.42Silver
Peter Kean-Cockburn23.06Silver
Sonja White23.24YESSilver
Steve Neal24.00YESBronze
Ruth Pilch24.07FTSilver
Paul Gerber24.46
Sharn Ponsford24.48Bronze
Emma Jordan24.57Silver
Ruth Gainsford25.17Silver
Claire Owen25.31Bronze
Jackie Gooch25.48YESSilver
Rosemary Jackson25.51YESGold
Roy Owen25.57Gold
Heather Hollister26.26Diamond
Carolyn Gerber26.30YESBronze
Mark Bradley29.46
Mary Owen30.09Silver