Wroxham 5K Race 3 – Wednesday 6 July 2016

Following the torrential rain and thunder storm of the previous fixture, which led to Race 2 being cancelled, it was a relief to everyone that this race was held in fine weather and could go ahead! It was also Norwich Road Runners’ 20th anniversary celebration, with spot prizes also being awarded to some lucky race numbers. The road was again closed for the start and was well-marshalled with 447 runners competing.

There was a terrific turn out from the Jaguars with 25 members taking part, earning some fantastic results including 12 PBs, 10 gold standards, plus a diamond for Jeremy Lawrence (19:37) and a platinum for Ken Bowman (20:24) – what stars they are!

First Jag home was Billy Life gaining himself a gold standard with a PB of 18:32 – well done Billy! Tom Johnson was hot on his heels, also with a gold standard and PB (18:49). Gold standards also went to the newly wed James Lambert (PB 18:56)- glad to see married life hasn’t affected his form – Tony Alborough (18:59 PB), Dean Blake (19:30), Graham Johnson (20.28 PB), Vicky Tovell (22:13), Nic Holden (22:22 PB), Peter Kean-Cockburn (22:52) and Heather Hollister (26:15).

There were silver standards for Stephen Pointer (20:36), Peter Nelson (20:24), Nicola Lambert-John (21:23 PB – married life is suiting you too Nicola!), Nicole Rogers (FT 21:53), Ruth Gainsford and Jackie Gooch. Emma Blake ran a PB of 24:03 to earn bronze as did Sharn Ponsford 25:12 (thanks for a great race Sharn)! Bronze standards also went to Emma Wilcock (22:50), Claire Owen (25:51), Carolyn Gerber (26:33 PB) and Dawn Chapman (26:38 PB). Well done also to Mark Bradley who achieved a FT run of 29:16.

We look forward to more great work from the Jags at the rescheduled Race 2 on 21st July.