Alex Moore Memorial Relay Race – Sunday 29 May 2016

What a wonderful event, thank you Norfolk Gazelles!

Set at the lovely ‘Goat Inn’ Skeyton on quiet Norfolk country lanes (I think I only saw one car and I was on the course longer than most!) in the glorious bank holiday sunshine.

The opportunity to run as a team rather than an individual certainly brought out the camaraderie of Coltishall Jaguars, and the photos tell our story. Smiles, support and super team spirit.

Coltishall Jags entered 9 teams (out of a total of 41) . Our last minute entry ‘Better Late than never’ taking us to the ‘club with the most teams entered’ accolade (tipping Dereham’s – 8 teams).

There was lots of excitement and chat at the beginning about the running order within teams. Super organised Mel made it easy for us by deciding, and I suppose I should have felt more trepidation when everyone kept saying….’Oh… you are a C!’, but being a newbie it didn’t really mean anything and I was just happy to be there.

The event is laps. Person A runs 1 lap (2.2 miles), tags person B who runs 2 laps (4.4 miles) and then tags person C (6.6 miles – but is joined by person A&B on lap 3)

Being a ‘Person C’ gave me plenty of time to watch the start and cheer on A’s and B’s! James Lambert was simply awesome, coming in 2nd (13.47) setting up ‘Orange Speedo’s’ for a very competitive race (2nd overall). I did wonder why they were not wearing the Orange Speedo’s – perhaps next year boys…!

Everyone ran well, but the other notable ‘A’ performances have to be Emma Blake (Fantastic 17.09!!), Great to see Owie back with a terrific 18.09, and Sophie running faster than ever before in 18.25.

So, off went the ‘B’ runners. A real highlight here has to be Nicola’s 31.52. A brilliant time and I’m sure I heard her say she had overtaken 8 runners! Hayley and Jackie B, also had very good runs close together in 36.26 and 36.47.

Standing at the start line, I felt relaxed and round the corner came Jilly with a lovely smile to tag me. Then I heard my name – Mel overtook me as I left the pub car park! (his 2nd lap!)

Being out on the course a while I missed all the other finishers, but have seen the brilliant photos!

Of the C runners – Andy (2nd fastest B and C runner of the day) has to take pride of place! I/Ruth ran within one second of each other 37.34 and 37.35 respectively, not seeing each other on the course!

Highlight of the day had to be seeing ‘Can I bike’ (Steve, Dean and Mel) receive the ‘masters’ trophies at the presentation to big Colt Jags celebrations (stealing the limelight, glory and trophies from the ‘actual’ winners who were 8 minutes quicker!) Shame you didn’t make it home before the mistake was noticed!! Gutted!


Full results below – well done everyone!

Alex Moore 2016


2nd – Orange Speedo’s (James L, Ben and Andy) – 1.21.30

10th – Can I bike? (Steve N, Dean and Mel) –2nd vets! 1.31.12

24th – The Bee’s knee’s (Emma B, Julian, Steve P) – 1.39.13

28th – Melvyns Angels (Sophie, Nicola and Ellie) – 1.41.16

31st – Powerpuff girls (Jackie G, Jackie B and Emma J) – 1.50.57

35th – Paul (Emery, Gerber and Groves!) – 1.54.23

37th Nackered, Hot and Sweaty (Netty, Hayley and Ruth) – 1.55.00

38th Last Chance Saloon (Owen, Gavin L and Henry) – 1.57.02

39th Better Late than Never (Rosemary, Jilly and Sharn) – 1.58.04