Great Yarmouth 5 Mile Series – Race 3 – Wednesday 25 May 2016

For the third and final race in the Great Yarmouth 5 mile series we were blessed again with good running conditions as the evening was cool and calm.  There were only 9 Jags present for this race and unfortunately we didn’t have anyone to take a photo of us!

On collecting her race number, Nicola had a very nice surprise to find out that in the second race of the series she was second in her age category and so received a trophy!  This certainly put the spring in her step and she went on to take off over 1 minute from her PB achieved at the previous race, coming in at a time of 35.22.  James Fuller had a great race and was first Jag home getting a PB at 33.38, followed by Tom Johnson (34:14) and Graham Johnson at 34:16, who was the only Jag to get Gold Standard at this race plus a PB.  Paul Emery and Ruth Gainsford also achieved PB’s at 36:55 and 41:40 respectively.  Also Stewart Marden, Peter Kean-Cockburn and Paul Gerber achieved impressive times at 36:59, 37:49 and 41:11.

Tony Alborough31.50YesGold
James Fuller33.38YESSilver
Tom Johnson34.14Silver
Graham Johnson34.16YESGold
Nicola John35.22YESSilver
Paul Emery36.55YESSilver
Stewart Marden36.59Silver
Peter Kean-Cockburn37.49Silver
Paul Gerber41.11Bronze
Ruth Gainsford41.40YESSilver