Wroxham 5 K Series – Race One – Wednesday 18 May 2016

It wa‎s a cloudy and rain threatened the evening for the Norwich Road Runners Wroxham 5k series race 1 held at Broadland High School. 26 Jag runners turned out, some knowing the course from Mel’s handicap a few weeks previous. With everyone kitted out in their orange vest and numbers on we gathered for a photo call and then headed out on the road for the start which was to be chip timed from the start line.  With near to 500 starters it was a very crowded start but the rain was holding off and the cool weather made for ideal conditions and with the course being flat the chance of some good times were up for grabs.
With great support on the route from marshals and the supporting Jags not running we were soon round and heading for the finish. Many notable finishers‎ and some great times too.  Twelve pbs were set, 3 diamond standards, 8 gold standards, 9 silver standards and 4 bronze standards acheived. First Jag home was Andy Mulligan, young Billy Life got a first gold standard with a great 18.56, Rod Bye and Jeremy Lawrence did quick times and both gained diamond standard (Rods 1st), Peter Kean-Cockburn took a massive 1.13 of his PB which was set 8 years ago to gain a 1st gold standard so very well done for that. So many people set first time standards and PBS so very well done to all the runners. There will be some hard work to be done if records from this race will be beaten but team Jags work hard and run faster. Here’s to the next race!!
wroxham 5k1 2016
Andy Mulligan17.19YESDiamond
Sam Nicolls18.14FTGold
Billy Life18.58FTGold
James Lambert19.07YESSilver
Peter Nelson19.16YESGold
Tony Albourgh19.28FTGold
Rod Bye19.55Diamond
Jeremy Lawrence20.05Diamond
Stephan Pointer20.15FTSilver
James Fuller20.20YESSilver
Graham Johnson20.40YESGold
Alisia Lacey21.40YESSilver
Vicky Tovell21.53YESGold
Nicola John22.01YESSilver
Lucy Anderson22.17YESSilver
Peter Kean-Cockburn22.19YESGold
Nicola Holden22.38YESGold
Paul Emery24.52FTSilver
Emma Blake24.52Bronze
Sharn Ponsford25.18Bronze
Claire Owen25.36Bronze
Ruth Gainsford25.46FTSilver
Jackie Gooch26.08Silver
Carolyn Gerber27.39Bronze
Dawn Chapman27.59
Annette Yeoman29.28