Dereham 10 – Sunday 8 May 2016

Apparently not remembering all of your own race, never mind anyone else’s, is not a good enough excuse to get out of doing the race report. (Jackie G cracked her whip.) So here it is…

Ahead of the race there were hopes by many for good conditions. E.g. It was Ellie’s first race since London, Sophie’s first race with the Jags and her longest distance yet, and Paul E coming back from injury. I, earlier in the year, had targeted it for a good time. Nicola was similarly hopeful of silver. But despite the disappointment of the heatwave, and trepidation at what lay ahead, 18 Jags turned out to make the best of it. Acclimatised we were not – 2 weeks ago it was snowing.  Still the usual Jag camaraderie took hold and we were in good spirits.   Peter KC manned our private check-in desk and distribution of race numbers was slick.  Sun-creamed up (pink simply does not work with orange), photos taken, whoops of joy at spotting a cloud in the sky, and we were lined up and ready to go.

For the first time, this race was chip timed at the start as well as the finish which avoided the battle for a good positon off the start. The course was described as a lollipop – out and in on the same main road, with a loop along small country lanes.  This would have made for a pleasant run if it was not for the baking heat. It was undulating flat – slightly down for first half, slightly up for second. The course was well marshalled (presumably in case any numpties overexert themselves…), enthusiastically clapping and encouraging us on. There were 3 water stops including sponges at the last one.  Ken, Jackie B, Rod and Nick had come to support and were particularly appreciated on the final stretch getting everyone over the line.

  • First Jag home honours go to Zac (1.08.13 gold), closely followed by Jeremy (1.09.45 diamond and a PB). Guys, didn’t you notice it was hot?
  • James PB-ed (1.14.20 bronze) with Tom (1.15.51) not far behind.
  • Ellie perfectly showed us how to get a silver (1.20.00 required) without exerting any more energy than necessary, coming in at 1.19.59 with Ben at her side.
  • Stephen at his first time came in at 1.20.07 with Vicky hot on his heals with a silver 1.21.17
  • Nicola sprinted the last half mile or so to get 1.22.56 and a bronze.
  • Next in was Graham in 1.24.32 also picking up a bronze.
  • I came in next (1.25.12 bronze FT) being steered by a marshal having lost the ability to walk in a straight line somewhere in the final mile of the race (no sniggering please).
  • Paul E’s comeback continued, coming in at 1.28.10.
  • A prowl of jaguars came in around the 1.37 mark: Clare H (1.37.08) proved that her hot weather performance in Barcelona was not a one off with a PB and a sprint finish. Sadly the sprint was accompanied by a “pop” in her foot and later found she had torn a ligament. (Best wishes for speedy recovery, Clare.) Close behind was Peter KC (1.37.19) and Jackie G (1.37.54 bronze).
  • Paul Gerber was not far behind at 1.41.33
  • Ruth and Sophie completed the Jags home, in 1.46.36 and 1.49.21 FT respectively.
  • The Jags put supporting others ahead of their own achievements.  Presentations missed, holding me up for an hour despite being injured (Clare), offering to give up own race to walk me in (Nicola) and thanks to Jackie G for playing mum!

Special congratulations must go to Jeremy and Vicky who each won the Silver Championship Medal for their age category. Super achievement!  Well done both.  Unfortunately the race presentation was missed due to all the Jags supporting a collapsed member (that’d be me).

A few months ago I did my first race – Freethorpe 10 – as an unattached runner. I saw the Jags enjoying being a group and thought that I’d love to be part of that.  A few weeks later I joined up.  I did not realise how important that decision was and how much I’d need the club at my next 10 miler.  I’ve learnt a number of things:

  • Heat cannot be underestimated. Even if feeling fine for most of it, when you tire, if you haven’t taken on enough water / food, the meltdown is rapid
  • The Jags are terrific runners at all levels – a small club producing 2 county winners, both new and experienced runners committing to completing the race despite the conditions
  • The Jags put supporting others ahead of their own achievements. Presentations missed, holding me up for an hour despite being injured (Clare), offering to give up own race to walk me in (Nicola)
  • The Jags’ have a keen sense of humour. Being extremely unwell does not exempt you from their mickey-taking.
  • There are ways to make yourself known at the club other than going to training or winning races

A heartfelt thanks you to all. Here’s to the Jaguars!
Lucy Anderson

dereham 10 2016

Name TimePBStandard
Zac Mace1.08.13Gold
Jeremy Lawrence1.09.45 YESDiamond
James Lambert1.14.20YESBronze
Tom Johnson1.15.51Bronze
Ellie Bye1.19.59Silver
Ben Gaskin1.19.59
Stephen Pointer1.20.35
Vicky Tovell1.21.17Silver
Nicola John1.22.56Bronze
Graham Johnson1.24.32Bronze
Lucy Anderson1.25.12FTBronze
Paul Emery1.28.10FT
Clare Hicks1.37.08YES
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.37.19
Jackie Gooch1.37.45Bronze
Paul Gerber1.41.33
Ruth Pilch1.46.36
Sophie Overall1.49.21