Great Yarmouth 5 Mile Series – Race 1 – Wednesday 27 April 2016

13 Jags turned out for the first race in the series and the previous days’ cold winds very kindly eased off just in time! It was a 2 lap, very flat course along the sea front, and this provided us with some great times for everyone. It was well marshalled, with various obstacles on the course to watch out for including lamp posts, benches, ramps and a low ceiling under a bridge for the taller runners!

First Jag home was Tom Johnson (31:54) who achieved a FT silver standard, closely followed by Tony Alborough running his first race for the club (32:36) and Graham Johnson (35:00) with his first Gold. Silver standards also went to Nicola John (FT 36:47), Lucy Anderson (FT 37:24), Stewart Marden (38:01), Ruth Gainsford (FT 42:15), Jackie Gooch (PB 42:40) and Peter Kean-Cockburn (PB 37:23) who narrowly missed out on a gold by 3 seconds – next time Peter!  Paul Emery, returning following a nasty dose of man flu, finished with a creditable 40:07, with Paul Gerber hot on his heels at 42:10. Georgina Sutton (42:39),running her first race as a Jaguar, was paced round by Andy Mulligan who did a fantastic job motivating all those around him, thanks Andy!

yarmouth race 1 2016

Tom Johnson31:54FTSilver
Anthony Alborough32.36FTGold
Graham Johnson35:00FTGold
Nicola John36:47FT Silver
Peter Kean Cockburn 37:23 YESSilver
Lucy Anderson37:24FTSilver
Stewart Marden38:01Silver
Paul Emery40:07FT
Paul Gerber42:10
Ruth Gainford42:15FTSilver
Georgina Sutton42:39FT
Jackie Gooch42:40YesSilver
Andy Mulligan42:40