Wymondham 20 Miler – Sunday 3 April 2016

You couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day for a run even though it was the ‘Norfolk’ hilly Wymondham 20!   Sunday’s race saw 11 jags taking part; Zac Mace, Mel Porter, Nick Hudson, James Lambert, Stephen Porter, Heather Hollister, Josh Neale, Jackie Gooch, Clare Hicks, Nicola John and myself.

Whilst there were a number of standards reached, the most notable was Heather Hollister’s Diamond standard achieved at her first W20.  There was success achieved by Zac Mace (2:18:34) and Mel Porter (2:33:32) who ran at Gold standard. Jackie Gooch (3:19:05) romped home with a Silver standard, Nicola John (3:02:55) achieved a PB at Bronze and James Lambert (2:40:16) and Nick Hudson (2:38:35) achieving Bronze standard also.

I think it’s worth mentioning the standards achieved because 20 miles is such a long way and the training that goes into that distance is to be admired.  The Wymondham 20 miler is traditionally a local training race during the spring marathon season and this year both Zac Mace and Stephen Pointer are running in this year’s VLM and with Zac running W20 at 2:18:34 and Stephen at 2:45:55, I’m sure you’ll agree that they both look good for a successful run in London in three weeks time.

Quite what the rest of us were thinking, I’m not sure!!!  It’s always great to be cheered on at a race and it was good to see Ellie, Ben and Andy cycling around the route cheering us on as well as  generous cheering from Hilda! Thanks to you all!

Emma Blake

Wymondham 20 2016

Zac Mace2:18:34YesGold
Mel Porter2:33:32Gold
Nick Hudson2:38:35FTBronze
James Lambert2:40:16Bronze
Stephen Pointer2:45:55FT
Nicola John3:02:55Bronze
Heather Hollister 3:07:44FTDiamond
Josh Neale3:17:44FT
Jackie Gooch3:19:05FTSilver
Clare Hicks3:36:49FT
Emma Blake 3:46:31