Freethorpe 10 Mile Race – Sunday 31 January 2016

Once again the Orange Army stamped their authority in this 10 mile race. With 24 members competing we were hoping to claim a few prizes. In fact, Ken Bowman, Jeremy Lawrence, Ellie Bye and Sue Allen fulfilled our expectations by each winning a huge trophy. I am sure Ellie’s Uncle who travelled all the way from Spain to support his niece contributed towards her PB.

It was a grey and damp day but this didn’t deter our runners. Our first three home Zac Mace, Ellie and James Fuller crossed the line with only 40 seconds separating them. The expression on James’ face as he approached the finishing line demonstrated the determination and brave spirit of this excellent runner; this was a first 10 for him and he is sure to improve.

Close times was the theme of the day. Ken’s platinum standard was two seconds faster than Jeremy’s Diamond PB. Only 43 seconds later Ben Gaskins came storming across the finishing line. This too was his first 10 for the Jags. Peter Keane Cockburn, Sue Allen, Josh Neale and Nicola John ran together most of the way round with Peter usually in the lead with enough breath to speak to a marshall at the 5 mile point. I wonder if Sue knew this was to be a diamond standard race for her, as well as a new age record?

Three very fast ladies were next; Sonya Wragg, Ruth Pilch both first timers just a few seconds ahead of Emma Jordan’s PB of 1:22:07. Only 20 seconds separated Jackie Gooch’s and Claire Owen’s PBs.

Clare Hicks smiled all the way round. Her PB was probably due to her huge lunch and healthy cake eaten the day before at a certain cafe in Coltishall.

Paul Emery running in his first claim colours ran a silver standard time.

With 600 runners the Great Yarmouth and District Athletics Club promoted an excellent race. It was very well organised and somehow the village hall managed to accommodate all the runners. I know there are a few problems with Chip Timing but all the runners and the Jags Support Team had a thoroughly enjoyable Sunday outing. Special thanks to Mr Mulligan and Mr Simpson for their splendid photography.

Next Jags outing – Valentines 10k. Don’t miss it…….

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Zac Mace1.09.00Gold
Ellie Bye1.09.05YesGold
James Fuller1.09.41First TimeSilver
Ken Bowman1.10.09Platinum
Jeremy Lawrence1.10.11YesDiamond
Ben Gaskins1.10.54First TimeBronze
Scott Chadwick1.15.02Bronze
Martin Bagnall1.17.42Silver
Peter Kean-Cockburn1.20.11YesSilver
Sue Allen1.20.16First TimeDiamond
Nicola John1.20.29First TimeBronze
Josh Neale1.20.53First Time
Paul Emery1.21.15First TimeSilver
Sonya Wragg1.21.51First TimeSilver
Ruth Pilch1.22.02First TimeSilver
Emma Jordan1.22.07YesSilver
Paul Gerber1.26.53
Jackie Gooch1.30.12YesSilver
Claire Owen1.30.36YesBronze
Clare Hicks1.38.41Yes
Carolyn Gerber1.41.05 First Time
Dawn Chapman1.41.21First Time
Hilda Mears1.48.39First Time
Annette Yeomanson1.50.09First Time