East Anglian Cross Country League – Fritton Lake, 11 November 2015

In the second race of the season Ken Bowman ran his first cross country race within the League. Although he felt it was worth the pain and was probably good for him, he said: “I have to do it to keep reminding myself why I don’t like them!”

It was a gorgeous, sunny autumnal day and the new venue at Fritton Outdoor Centre was a splendid change from some of the usual sparse and cold locations endured by the runners. There were warm beverages at the end as well as a cold hose pipe shower for the brave hardy folk.

The race was about 4.6 miles for the ladies and 6.7 for the chaps. The results will be published just before the next race in two weeks time. The cross country event is a very informal occasion. You only pay £5 for the whole season; you can run on your own, in a team or however you like. Why not come to the next one at Whitlingham Park on the 25th November at 2.30pm?