Lowestoft Scores – 15 September 2015

Five Jaguars ventured to Lowestoft to tackle the hills and steps in the 20th Lowestoft Scores race. The conditions on the day were near perfect with little wind and some cloud cover. A well organised race all in all and the crowds were especially lively at the top of the scores.

Whilst James Lambert, Melvyn Porter, Becky Durant and Nicola John were having this photograph taken just moments before the race started, the fifth Jaguar ran past to pick up her number with just minutes to go! Quite a spectacular way to start a race Adele Bushall!

First Jag home was Mel Porter in 34th place and a great time of 32:36. James Lambert was the second Jag home in a time of 33:33 knocking over 5 minutes off his previous time at this event. Next in was Nicola John sneaking in a sub 40 minute time of 39:59. Adele’s time was 42:30 (who technically ran one extra score than everyone else in a dash to collect her race number at the start)! Becky won her age category with a time of 46:33; fantastic running!!!