Dunerunner – Sunday 13 September 2015

The last in this years series was attended by 3 Jags, Paul Allen, Jackie Gooch & Josh Neal all doing the 10k race.
The Nelson’s Head had had a beer festival the previous evening and still had the marque and kitchen set up, ideal for registration which was undercover and the smell of bacon and coffee was a distraction from pre-race nerves.
The weather was overcast as the runners met before the race chatting and exchanging stories, there is definitely a chilled & fun atmosphere to the Dune Runs.

Together the 5k and 10k runners lined up to loud music at the start, the sun then appeared and decided to stay  through out the race.

The first mile was along a narrow uneven footpath eventually coming out behind the dunes joining a sandy path.  Mile 2 bought us up into the dunes for the first time and then on to the beach with soft sand. Most runner ran to the sea edge where the sand was firmer, but by doing this we then had to move up the beach to get over the groins, we did this a few times, being watched by the seals, which there were plenty of.

Mile 3.5 to 4.5 was the toughest on the legs as once again we were in the sand dunes, but now the sun was blearing down, the water station was a welcome sight made better by Sue Allen’s encouragement and a cup of water over the Jags heads.
Soon we are homeward bound along the sandy path, and eventually the last mile up the uneven path to the finish line.

Josh Neal was first Jag home with a time of 50:10 but realised after, he had gone wrong!!  He went straight rather than doing a loop & was not happy, as his last Dune run, the signs were moved and he got lost.

Paul Allen came in next @ 53:00 Followed later by Jackie Gooch 1:03:31

All seemed to enjoy this race, and because the car park had too stay closed till the last few runners had arrived home, there wasn’t a mass exodus. Many people mingled and chatted with a pint and the presentation was well attended.