Norwich 10K – 30 August 2015

The first Run Norwich 10k through the centre of Norwich saw an impressive turnout of 3170 runners. Amongst the thousands were 18 Jags who decided to give the new race a go. The course involves a few hills, with the run up Rouen Road proving to be a nice test in the middle of the race. However, what goes up must come down so there were some decent downhills added to the mix.

The weather on the day was mild but cloudy and slightly wet under foot, so all in all pretty decent racing conditions. There were plenty of crowds lining the street, however they were fairly muted and possibly suffering from a Sunday morning hangover… The most lively supporters around the course were those cheering on the Jags and special thanks to Shirley and Emma for taking some photos and cheering everyone on!

There was a problem with traffic at the start of the race in that 3000 runners were set off at exactly the same time rather than in waves. This lead to runners who were not at the front of the pack being delayed by around two minutes once over the start line whereas those who were at the front of the pack were able to make a quick getaway without any trouble. The marshalls were generally good and supportive around the course and other than the traffic at the start of the race, the event was very well organised.

First Jag home was James Lambert in 189th place and a chip time of 42:02 and new PB. Close behind was Peter Nelson with a time of 42:28, eight seconds shy of a gold standard. Third Jag home was Tom Johnson with a time of 42:54. Nick Hudson was hoping was hoping for a sub 44 minute race to achieve a new PB and breezed past that with an impressive time of 43:34. First lady Jag home was Nicola Holden in a silver standard time of 48:38 and finishing in 636th place. Second lady back was Nicola John in a time of 51:31 earning a bronze standard. Heather Hollister was third lady Jag back in a time of 52:55, diamond standard, well done! Results as follows:

James Lambert42.02YesSilver
Tom Johnson42.54Silver
Nick Hudson43.34YesSilver
Scott Chadwick46.04Bronze
Paul Allen46.14Bronze
Scott Shrubsall47.03
Graham Johnson47.21
Jagan Crane47.33
Paul Taylor48.20
Nicola Holden48.38Silver
David Brailey50.20
Nicola John51.31YesBronze
Paul Gerber53.03
Heather Hollister52.55Diamond
Peter Kean-Cockburn53.40Bronze
Claire Owen59.22

As there was so many wonderful photos taken by Shirley they have been put on our facebook page.