Great Yarmouth Half Marathon – 9 August 2015

Three Jags turned out in Gorleston for this year’s Great Yarmouth Road Runners Half Marathon in the sort of glorious sunshine that you don’t really need for a half marathon.  With the temperature set at gas mark 9 all returned well done!  Gathered at the start there was little confidence in gaining any PBs in the extreme heat with everyone saying they were going to enjoy it and see what happens.  So what did happen?

The three Jags starting were Nicola John, David Platten and Scott Shrubsall.  Taking up places towards the middle/back at the start there didn’t seem to be the level of nervousness that you sometimes sense at other races, perhaps the sunshine added a holiday feel.   As the race started the heat wasn’t too much of an issue but once up to pace the any little patch of shade was very much welcomed.  Fortunately the marshalls were well armed with sponges and water, at the final water station there was even a hose out and one marshall even had a spray bottle that she was squirting at runners!

The course is a nice rural route which takes the runners through the grounds of Somerleyton hall.  James Lambert was on hand at the entrance to give support.  It was also here that Scott had to contend with a herd of stampeding cattle that had decided to cross over the running route.  This provided a slightly uncomfortable experience but the situation had cleared up by the time the David and Nicola arrived by all accounts.

It wouldn’t be the same without Becky Durant’s enthusiastic encouragement either and true to form, there she was cheering on at just over 11 miles.  The last couple of miles saw melted tarmac but soon the finish area arrived and a big crowd cheering everyone in.  First Jag home was Scott and in almost uniform gaps David then Nicola.  David managing a hard earned Bronze standard time.


Scott Shrubsall – 1:45:13

David Platten – 1:52:56

Nicola John – 2:00:08

GYRR_half_2 (2)GYRR_half_3 (2)GYRR_Half_1 (2)