Edinburgh Marathon Festival – 31 May 2015

Well by the looks of all the photos that have appeared on social media, the Jags that travelled all that way by train to participate in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival had a jolly good time!!


19 Jags made this trip to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Half and Full Marathon.

A majority travelled and shared accommodation, whilst others made the trip with partners or friends. Weather warnings prior to the event promised heavy rain and winds, however the day brought excellent race conditions, if not a little breezy on the final miles! The routes for both the half and full marathon took in some beautiful views, leaving the centre of Edinburgh and along the coast line. The race boasted a fast course and the Jags took full advantage.
For the marathon, Sze-Ming Cheung, Andy Mulligan, Jeremy Lawrence and Deb Jones and Sonya Wragg ALL brought home PB’s. Whilst James Lambert, Owie Barber, Paul Gerber, Stuart Marden , Dee Neal and Heather Hollister completed their first marathons in fantastic times.
Sze-Ming, Debs and Heather also achieved Good For Age times which should secure them places at London 2016.
Sze-Ming has now broken the Jags age group record for a marathon three times this year!!!
For Dawn Chapman this was her first half marathon and she was joined in the half by Jenny Welsh, Vanessa Clements, Mel Burch and Nicola John who obtained a PB!!
Tired but happy Jags then went on the celebrate their achievement and a special birthday for Jenny Welsh. The success, fun and achievement of this trip means another orange road trip wont be far away!!
Sze-Ming Cheung3.11.57Yes - achieved GFAGold
Andy Mulligan3.17.31Yes Silver
Jeremy Lawrence3.36.27YesGold
Deb Jones3.49.27Yes - achieved GFASilver
James Lambert3.50.10First time
Sonya Wragg4.11.58YesBronze
Stewie Marden4.14.38First time
Heather Hollister4.25.26First time - achieved GFAGold
Owie Barber4.27.53First time
Paul Gerber4.35.47First time
Dee Neal5.18.35First timeBronze
Melanie Burch1.51.52Silver
Nicola John1.54.13YesBronze
Dawn Chapman2.20.52First time
Jenny Welsh2.49.11
Vanessa Clements 2.49.11